A range of ergonomically designed eating and drinking aids developed in consultation with clinical experts and customer needs, this comprehensive range of eating and drinking aids is both functional and elegant.

Specifically designed for people with Dementia they are also suitable for a range of other conditions such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, this colourful range of tableware is ideal for anyone with a cognitive impairment or decreased visual capacity.

People with a diagnosis of dementia can struggle to distinguish items due to the lack of colour contrast. Depression, restlessness and responses to their environment can also result in a decreased appetite and a reduced consumption of both food and drink, which can lead to significant weight loss and dehydration.

Studies in clinical nutrition have shown a significant increase in both food and liquid intake when using tableware that offers a high colour contrast (when compared to the table or the food).

Ornamin have applied these results to develop a comprehensive and functional range of contrasting eating and drinking aids, designed to help stimulate the appetite and orientate anyone impacted by contrast sensitivities.

Made from lightweight yet sturdy melamine, the colour contrasting designs are easily recognisable and perfect for independent dining.

We have chosen to use blue as our main plate and bowl colour, red placemats for visual contrast, and a selection of blue and yellow cups. We chose yellow for our vital range (internal cone) to simplify the range for consumers. Multiple peer reviewed studies have shown that the colours red and blue can increase eating by 25 percent and drinking by 84 percent (Dune et al, 2004, Brighter colours, 2004, NHS, 2018)

The collection comes in a range of colours, and can be ordered for industry and facility use by contacting nicole@communitycafe.com.au


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