This sticker set can be used for domestic or residential navigation.
We designed these stickers to enable people with memory loss to easily identify each room in their own environment. This simple sticker set can assist people to orientate themselves when feeling lost.
Enabling environments can reduce behavioural symptoms of dementia, that are often expressed due to frustration, anxiety or
Enabling the environment can also improve quality of life for people with dementia and their loves ones, potentially reducing the need for anti-psychotic medications.
These five images will ensure the person can recognise their way around their environment with ease, making them feel secure, empowered and in control. They can be purchased in a five pack with additional stickers available for multiple rooms.
All designs use clear text, bold images and colours that are known to enhance visibility.

Clean and dry area thoroughly before placing on a flat surface.
Stickers are most effective when placed about 5cm’s lower than
the individual’s eye height.
Can be removed and replaced if put back onto original backing.

Each sticker is 150 mm in diameter.
Designed in Canberra – Made in Melbourne.