These handy door and drawer labels are self-sticking, tough and easy-to-apply labels, which assist the user to instantly recall where things are kept around the home.

Older people who experience memory loss often say that one of the biggest frustrations they face is not being able to find the things they need easily. This can cause frustration and make the simplest of tasks feel much more difficult.

We have combined clear, appropriate text with bright photographic images and contrasting colours, to create a simple set of labels that makes it much easier to find things you need, especially when they are ‘hidden’ behind cupboard doors or drawers.

Please note – the blue lines on the image are an indicator of the cut-out size of the stickers and will not be on the sheet when you receive them.


Stickers sheet – Width 305 mm and Height 218mm.
24 empowering stickers – 45 mm in diameter.

Stickers are removable and replaceable if they are put back onto the backing that they originally came on but are not intended to be removed multiple times.

Please clean the area and allow to dry thoroughly before placing on desired area.

Stickers must be placed on flat surface to be effective.

Designed in Canberra, made in Melbourne.