Personalised Dementia Coaching

Are you or your family finding it difficult to navigate your journey with dementia?

I can assist you with individual and personalised coaching.

Whether your role is;

  • Person with a diagnosis of dementia
  • Family member of a person with dementia
  • Business professional
  • Health provider

If you are feeling like you are overwhelmed and need empathetic guidance, support and symptom management, I can assist.
With over ten years of professional dementia nursing, aged care management background and a Master’s degree in Applied Gerontology in progress, I can provide direction, clarity and referral assistance. .

How I help your family?

  • I have decades of professional caregiving experience and can provide the objectivity, creativity and compassion to assist you in your caregiving relationship
  • I had the honour of overseeing the care of a 40-bed memory support unit for almost a decade with some of the lowest numbers of antipsychotic use in residential aged care.
  • “Behaviours” can often be symptoms of how the person with dementia is responding to their environment around them or an unmet need. Their world is changing, and it’s “us” that needs to change to suit their world, not the other way around.
  • Working from both the healthcare and the recreation perspective, my perspective includes the whole health of both caregiver and the individual with dementia.
  • I can assist you with useful, everyday strategies to ensure you and your loved one live life to the full.
  • I can also assist with care planning, strategies for everyday life and will ensure I respect the personhood of the individual in all that I do.


For further details on this coaching service, please send me an email at for a free 15-minute obligation free consultation.

Nicole Smith (RN) BNurs, MappGer (In Progress)
Gerontology Consultant